March 27, 2013

2D Animation frames - axe maniac

This was a shot I took of a project I'm working on, a sequence of character animation frames with onion-skinning turned on, which lets you see ghosts of the following drawings. Working on this one in Toon Boom Animation software.

March 24, 2013

KIND Snacks - Kinetic Text Animation

This was a piece for KIND Snacks that Joe Cookie put together and I created the animated text lines for.

Do the KIND Thing from KIND Healthy Snacks on Vimeo.

March 22, 2013

Character Costume Variants

Another month that just keeps flying by... Here was the remaining piece I did for the Gnome General concept art, a character design sheet with various different costumes and themes. It's actually a photo of my monitor, (Thanks instagram, you can find me @filthywill by the way) but I think it's just as effective.

March 13, 2013

Concept Painting 3 - Gnome Battle

This was one of the final concept art pieces I had created for a game in development. It is a Gnome battle game and this was just trying to capture the moment during game play.

Painted in Photoshop. You can see it consists of two opposing teams, and gnomes vary in size as well as their roles.