March 26, 2012

Background Design Concepts (Futuristic)

Some rough scenes I clocked up for the newest animation. This time I used a combination of cel shaded 3D models and illustrations, to "cheat" since the overall look for the video is 2D. This should make general execution easier throughout development being able to render things out at different angles on the fly without having to redraw them every time I want to play with a new camera shot.

March 23, 2012

New Character Designs 2

These were some of the other cel shaded 3D Models I designed based on my concept sketches in the previous post. Might give the outfits a few more looks and tweek the ink shaders before I start animating. Another real quick turnaround on this so I've been trying to design everything accordingly, keeping things pretty simple.

March 15, 2012

New Character Designs

These are some character concepts for another animated music video I'm doing. Quick and dirty to get the design down so I can build them in 3D and develop the real look.

March 12, 2012

Walker Bot Music Video

Wrapped this puppy up recently, a quick 10 day project. I've been trying to get heavier animation work, so I had a good time making it. I have another animated video project launching today, with others starting to shake out in the queue... can't wait!

I'll probably do a brief breakdown in the following days on this one. Sets and all artwork were created in Photoshop, the character was created in 3DS Max - but painted in Photoshop. Character animation and some of the explosion effects were done in 3DS Max. Scene animation, compositing and most other basic effects were done in After Effects. The color grading, off-tracking with noise and waves to give an older film look was a technique I came up with animated all by hand in Adobe Premiere. I plan on providing a tutorial for that soon also.

March 5, 2012

Background Pan

I threw together a background pan from an animation scene here. Used After Effects for the setup, artwork painted in Photoshop.

March 3, 2012

Walker Bot Set Design 2

So I ended up expanding on that previous set, and this is the glorious After Effects work file. Can pan sideways for over 3 full 1080 frames (as you can see by my blue box still there) as well as 1.5x vertically... with a whole lot of layers as you can see. This is where all the fun and magic really happens! I  should be able to shoot the virtually my entire animation using different shots off of this scene.

March 1, 2012

Walker Bot Set Design

This was a set I created for the main shot of the Walker Bot animation. This shot was set up in Photoshop, but Walker Bot is actually a rendered 3D model that I plan on compositing into the scene when I build it up in After Effects. When I wrap up completely I'll probably do a full break down.

The blue box allows me to see what I have in frame, I like to work with a bleed or paste board so I can test the parallaxing and any other background animations that move in or out of camera as I work.