July 28, 2011

Flash Game Art II

Here's a follow up to the last Flash Game Art post a few weeks ago. This is the background/level and character design for a vertical platformer I worked on. The goal is to jump from drum to drum until you reach the top of the level, which gets progressively higher as you advance.

You'll notice one of the background layers (silhouette) is similar to one of the last ones - both games take place in the same world. On the top left you can see a few sky bg variants that get generated randomly level to level, along with matching rim and area lights on the crowd silhouettes. There are 3 different drum platforms - however I developed it so that the two regular drums get generated with random width sizes, within a pretty small margin (like 10-15%) so that they don't look akward nor does every one look exactly the same.

Below you can see the character design, you start off as Plain Jane, and as you advance your character slowly rocks out her gear level to level for the most part until the decking is done.

And of course, a couple of enemy designs. What kind of obstacles would you find around a drum set that constitute as enemies? Dust bunnies and flies naturally!

July 21, 2011

New Logo Illustration

A few weeks ago I posted an illustration I was working on for a logo concept. Well I developed it a lot further incorporating different elements of DJ/Production equipment into the design as you can see below. I ended up painting the piece entirely in Photoshop.

July 14, 2011

Raziel Sketch

I got a request for a Raziel and Kain sketch, and although I did it - I much preferred the Raziel character. I have never played the games and am not really familiar with the characters so I had to just roll with what I could find online.

July 10, 2011

Flash Game Art

Here is some background and level artwork for a mini side-scrolling game I worked on in Flash.
I included some breakdowns - on the left side you can see how the different repeating background layer panels are broken up for the parallax effect during gameplay.

The sidewalk platform gets randomly generated at different lengths and heights. The length chooses a random number and then uses it to pick from a random combination out of the 4 different "middle" segments, which I designed to be stitched seamlessly together regardless of how many or in which order they are used. Those get placed between the two "end" segments, the whole thing gets positioned at a random height - and like magic you are creating sidewalk platforms on the fly.

Throw in the different obstacles you see near the bottom at random and you have an on-rails side scrolling skateboard game. The character is in his standard pose below.

July 1, 2011

Logo Designs

A couple of logo designs I was working on for a DJ/Producer that I picked out of a bunch I had done. These were created in photoshop by adjusting the font and then drawing my design around it. I don't do a lot of this stuff lately, so I thought these were coming out pretty well.